JUNE 27, 2009


Cedarburg’s charming, patriotic small town atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for the music of the 132nd Wisconsin National Guard Army Rock Band, playing in the band shell during Cedarburg’s Strawberry Festival at Cedar Creek Park, Saturday, June 27 from 10:00-12:00. Also from 10:00-12:00 the Wisconsin National Guard Army Jazz Band will be playing at the Festival Food Court, located outdoors at the Cedarburg Community Center.

Wisconsin military bands have a long tradition of entertaining service members and civilians with music. In Wisconsin, the National Guard’s 132nd Army Band keeps the tradition alive and thriving with approximately 60 citizen-soldier musicians who travel the state, the country and even the world with a variety of music.

A descendant of the Army Guard’s famed 32nd “Red Arrow” Division bands of WWI & WWII, today’s 132nd Army Band is an exceptional band of outstanding musicians. This is the band that inaugurates Wisconsin Governors, has played honors for the President of the United States, helped commission the battleship USS Wisconsin and has welcomed home each of the Wisconsin Guard’s Desert Storm units.

Many band members are civilian musicians, music students or band directors and others represent a number of civilian professions in their hometowns throughout Wisconsin and other nearby states. But when they come together as the 132nd Army Band, they’re all musicians in one of the finest military bands in the Nation.
Whether you prefer jazz or rock, these two separate band performances will be an opportunity to appreciate good music played by our Nation’s finest men and women. Come welcome these soldiers, in their fatigue finery during Strawberry Festival.
Cedarburg’s Strawberry Festival, June 27 & 28 is a free, family-friendly event featuring delectable strawberry creations, strawberry wine, great food booths, terrific live music, art shows, Kids Korner, 5K Run, Plein Air Painting Competition, strawberry contests, duck races, quilt exhibits and more.


Handmade for Cedarburg’s Strawberry Festival, June 27 & 28

For those who crave all things strawberry, there’s good news! The old Hoffmann’s Meat Market recipe for Strawberry Bratwurst has found a new home with former Hoffmann’s veteran sausage maker, Steve Biertz. This sweet yet savory brat was invented four years ago for Cedarburg’s Strawberry Festival and from the very first year customers have clamored for more.

When Dave Hoffmann, the fourth generation to own and work in the market, closed up shop last year after ninety-one years in business, customers were bereft. Happily, Steve Biertz has resuscitated the old recipes with Dave Hoffmann’s blessing. Steve has been in the meat business for thirty-six years, since he was fifteen years old, and he was encouraged to continue the old Hoffmann’s traditions.

Be forewarned however, if you want to bite into this toothsome brat, it will be first come/first served at just one place, the Festivals of Cedarburg’s Volunteer Food Booth in the main Food Court next to the Community Center on Washington Avenue. It’s the only place to buy the “Original Strawberry Brat”.

According to Biertz, Hoffmann’s had wanted to participate in Cedarburg’s Strawberry Festival in some way, but took a cautious approach the first year, making just 125 lbs of their brand new original recipe. That initial batch sold out so quickly that for the next three years they produced 800 lbs which also completely sold out during each festival weekend. To avoid disappointment, customers from Chicago, Northern Illinois communities and the Greater Milwaukee area began calling in April to reserve an advance order and then brought their coolers along to tote them home.

When asked for his favorite way to eat an Original Strawberry Brat, Steve suggested adorning them with his personal favorite topping, Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce, but also thinks that a snappy strawberry salsa would be a creative plus.

Biertz will also be re-creating other famous Hoffmann recipes under the name Hoffmann’s Cedarburg Recipe Sausage Company, LLC. As for the secret Strawberry Brat Recipe, frozen, cleaned whole strawberries, spices and a bit of strawberry preserves contribute to the mystique. Some of his other mouth-watering sausages include pre-cooked spicy Jalapeno Blue Cheese Brats, Hungarian Brats - a spicy brat seasoned with paprika and cayenne and the Apple Harvest Brat, created for Cedarburg’s Wine & Harvest Festival in September. The ingredients for that brat include diced apples, apple pie filling, apple juice and cinnamon.

Biertz makes all of his products at Mike’s Country Meats in Campbellsport and will be re-creating Hoffman’s Summer Sausage recipe, beef jerky and snack sticks. In the near future, Steve Biertz’ sausage products can be found at Frenz Market in Thiensville and Olsen’s Piggly Wiggly in Cedarburg. But be warned; get your Strawberry Brat at Cedarburg’s Strawberry Festival early or plan on being disappointed when they’re gone. To contact Steve Biertz: 262-375-8341.

Cedarburg’s 24th Annual Strawberry Festival brings more than 100,000 people to town. Festival events include art shows, a Plein Air Painting Competition, Strawberry Foods and Cedar Creek Winery wines, live bands, Kids Korner activities, hayrides, the CedarQuacker 500 Duck Races, 5K Run, Sunday Morning Pancake Breakfast, Quilt Show, Strawberry Contests and more.

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